About the Author

Kyle Kelly is a writer of fiction who uses the flowing elegance of English in a gritty, on the ground prose to connect the reader with the characters, scenes, and events in his novels.  He was born in 1937 in a Southwestern U. S. mill town, one of the many way stations for the vast mob of itinerants roaming the country looking for non-existent jobs during the Great Depression.  After surviving an abusive childhood of want and degredation, during which he began his working career at a very tender age, he served his obligatory military service and then supported himself while obtaining an undergraduate degree.  Kelly is married to his first and only wife, and is the father of three well adjusted offspring who have gifted him with grandchildren.  He has a passion for history, especially concerning gender politics and the traditional biased, negative perception of males in our society.  On any given Sunday morning, weather permitting, he may be found on his redwood deck with his wife, the elderly family dog, and occasional friends, drinking strong coffee and comparing the current state of America with the Post World War II glory days, said conversations being subject of course to frequent mentions of favorite Caribbean vacation spots as a way to soften the perorations and pejoratives.  In addition to his first published novel, A MEMORY OF TREES, he is currently concluding work on a predecessor novel, THE VIEW FROM SOUTH EMPORIA STREET.  Other follow on stories, utilizing some of the same characters, are also in progress.  Any inferences garnered from the illogical publishing order of his novels may be ascribed to his being left handed.